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Growing Judo in the Greater Wellington Area​

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Find your local Club

We support 8 clubs across the Greater Wellington Region

Uplifting our Area

Stay involved and develop your skills in this International Sport



Fancy getting a front-row seat? Support local competitions and develop a deep understanding of the sport.  


We have many national and international officials in our region who are highly qualified and can pass on that very knowledge to anyone interested in exploring their officiating talents. 


Reach out to your local club to express your interest. 



We host 3 major competitions every year so we can never have too many Organising Heroes.  


We can support and train you to

  • run events

  • score fights

  • mat steward

  • and more


We look after the strong supporters of our growing community and love to welcome new faces.



You don't need to be a Master of the martial arts to support a local club.  There are many areas and roles that you will be valued in. 


We are able to give you national level skills in many different areas such as

  • how to organise our sport

  • marketing to grow the sport 

  • coaching skills and knowledge

  • and more

Developing new coaches and volunteer roles is at the heart of our organisation.

Grassroots Judo Camp 2023

Judo - 'The gentle art'
with a worldwide reach

Our role is simple 

Attract - Facilitate - Sustain

We are working to increase the knowledge and understanding of Judo in the Greater Wellington Region so that we can grow our community.

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